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    The Lebanese Association for the Philosophy of Law is launching a project to be implemented during the seven coming months. The project aims at the inclusion of "Philosophy of Law" or "Jurisprudence" in the curriculum of the Lebanese University due to the importance of this subject matter in the strengthening of the Lebanese legal institutions and the furthering of the Rule of Law. The project is funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -Transparency & Accountability Grants Project- managed by AMIDEAST/Lebanon

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    The best way to advance Good Governance and Transparency by generating within the juridical community and the wider society an awareness of the importance of legal philosophy on the democratic process, is to introduce “Philosophy of Law” to our national curriculum.

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    To introduce “Philosophy of Law” to the curriculum of the Lebanese University’s Law Degree.

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Proceedings of the final Conference for the dissemination of the culture of the philosophy of law

" Special thanks to:
Mr. Hussam Saba
Dr. Khatoun Haïdar
Mr. Mohammad Ayyoub
for their positive contribution to the success of this project and this conference."

* The word of the Lebanese Association for the Philosophy of Law by the President of the association Dr. Georges Saad
* Remarks by USAID/Lebanon Director Denise A. Herbol introducing the Philosophy of Law course to LU
* The word of the Ministry of Culture General Director, Dr. Omar Halablab

Georges Saad Félomène Nasr

Denise Herbol Omar Halablab

youssef Saadallah Al Khoury Mohammad Al Majzoub

Ibrahim Saad Georges Aramouni

Media Coverage
"Special thanks to Mr. Morshid Dandash and Dr. Khatoun Haïdar"





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