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    The Lebanese Association for the Philosophy of Law is launching a project to be implemented during the seven coming months. The project aims at the inclusion of "Philosophy of Law" or "Jurisprudence" in the curriculum of the Lebanese University due to the importance of this subject matter in the strengthening of the Lebanese legal institutions and the furthering of the Rule of Law. The project is funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -Transparency & Accountability Grants Project- managed by AMIDEAST/Lebanon

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    The best way to advance Good Governance and Transparency by generating within the juridical community and the wider society an awareness of the importance of legal philosophy on the democratic process, is to introduce “Philosophy of Law” to our national curriculum.

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    To introduce “Philosophy of Law” to the curriculum of the Lebanese University’s Law Degree.

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Decree Proposal The justification for the proposal to introduce the subject "The Philosophy of Law" in the academic curriculum at the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative science from the Lebanese University.

Proposal submitted by Georges Saad, a professor at the Faculty of Law and Political and Administrative science from the Lebanese University.

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The project synopsis

The Lebanese Association for the Philosophy of Law, in collaboration with the Artois University - Faculty of Law (France), has the honour to announce to you its new project purporting to raise awareness and modernize the environmental legislation in Lebanon. Details will be published soon.

In Plato's Republic a question was raised about who founded the philosophy of law, and the relation between authority and law. Simply note here that during the time of Plato and Aristotle the concept of justice was based on the logic of human nature, that is on concepts derived to man and nature, while things will change in the Middle Ages where the power of God came to the rescue to explain or justify human thought. For Grotius human reason creates legal standards in a spontaneous way and this explains its position against fanaticism Calvinienne.

With Jean-Jacques Rousseau, in the social contract, individuals surrender their natural rights as liberty is in submission to a law created by human reason (general will) which makes man a citizen.

All the great philosophers and jurists in the West as East, had their views on law and philosophy: Kant and Hegel, Marx and Engels, Ibn Khaldun, Averroes and al-Shirazi .. secular as religious ..

With these few introductory words we wanted simply to "set the tone," to express our attachment to the mother of the sciences the philosophy

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