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    The Lebanese Association for the Philosophy of Law is launching a project to be implemented during the seven coming months. The project aims at the inclusion of "Philosophy of Law" or "Jurisprudence" in the curriculum of the Lebanese University due to the importance of this subject matter in the strengthening of the Lebanese legal institutions and the furthering of the Rule of Law. The project is funded through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) -Transparency & Accountability Grants Project- managed by AMIDEAST/Lebanon

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    The best way to advance Good Governance and Transparency by generating within the juridical community and the wider society an awareness of the importance of legal philosophy on the democratic process, is to introduce “Philosophy of Law” to our national curriculum.

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    To introduce “Philosophy of Law” to the curriculum of the Lebanese University’s Law Degree.

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Who we are The Lebanese Association for Philosophy of Law (Law and Society) was formed on 7 March 2005 (filing of case). Registration number 76 a.d. 8 March 2006.

We are a group of people concerned with research on law and philosophy.

Why is the philosophy of law?

Because philosophy is life, science, law and the mother of us all. And because law is the regulator of people's lives and a unique tool, despite its hardness for certain categories of people (the poor), to do justice.

Any decision made by the judiciary is necessarily behind philosophical work, consciously or unconsciously .. But it seems that modernity has failed philosophy of law, but fortunately, many jurists and philosophers have had a burst sufficient to make the philosophy of law his role, whether in the areas of higher education or in scientific research and legal work (legislation, jurisprudence, doctrine).

It's true that our main activities are in the philosophy of law, we also intend to attach great importance to the role of sociology of law, legal anthropology and legal psychology.

It means that our association will carry out academic research and doctrinal debates? Not at all. We intend to engage in activities "on the ground" and with people. Here are our concerns: To demonstrate the real relationship between the law and individuals, and establishing legal research scientists that illuminate this relationship.

Establish research and organizing seminars and symposia on various topics related to philosophy of law, "Law and Society"(access to justice for example) and particulary in human rights.

Strengthen relations with various Arab institutions, as well as joint research activities.

Strengthen the relationship with the Western intellectual institutions, particularly those of the European Union that seeks to establish a real partnership relationship with the countries of the Mediterranean.

Work to ensure that the philosophy of law should take its place among the materials provided to the license law in the Lebanese and Arab universities, particularly in law faculties.

Cooperate in any activity to enhance the cultural level, intellectual and social development of people, particularly when those activities relate to the concepts of democracy, secularism and human rights.

Cooperate in the writing of books on philosophy of law, in particular to highlight the fact that the Arabic and Islamic philosophy has gave a lot in this area, and the translation and publication of works relating to the philosophy of law.

We note that our Association (ALIPHID) is a member of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) Internationale Vereinigung für Rechts-und Sozialphilosophie.

We will not forget to send us all sections of the IVR to say we have any collaboration with them. We believe to be the first association of philosophy of law in the Arab world. We expect to make progress on the cooperation and support of IVR and its multiple sections, and any research center or association who share our same concerns.

» For proposals for joint activities, especially through the organization of symposia in Lebanon, please contact us.

To run well our association needs your help: for any donations to our organization send us an email about this .. or send your support to the name and address of the association (Lebanese Association for philosophy of law, Sebnay, Victoria Street, Bldg. Berbari, Beirut-Lebanon).


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